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Get to the root of the performance issues

The Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) is a powerful Java framework for building enterprise applications. It provides a visual and declarative approach, supports rapid application development based on ready-to-use design patterns and metadata-driven and visual tools. In short, Oracle ADF is a Java developers’ dream.

But, Oracle ADF can turn into a Java developers’ nightmare when problems arise. Performance issues require you to delve deep into the inner workings of this high-level application development workbench, often on the brink of interaction with the database. And always beyond the comfort zone of regular Java developers.

This is where the AMIS ADF Performance Monitor comes to the rescue. Locating the cause of a performance issue is like searching for the notorious needle in the proverbial haystack. The monitor analyses the behaviour of ADF applications and automatically identifies the root causes of quality problems. The AMIS ADF Performance Monitor will provide monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and if needed, overviews per minute.

afbeelding Dashboard AMIS ADF Performance Monitor met een aantal grafieken voor summary response time, errors, details response time, JVM Heap collection

It will even give a notification when potential inefficiencies are detected, thus preventing future quality issues. It also crosses the traditional border of application developers, automatically reporting database queries that most impact your system.

The toolset has the ability to report against the actual code, so a Java developer knows exactly what needs to be fixed where. Just put your mouse over the identified lines of code to view all details.

overzicht van gevonden errors in de ADF Performance Monitor

Complete lifecycle

Performance is a challenging item during the complete lifecycle of any application. During the development phase, the AMIS ADF Performance Monitor will identify potential bottlenecks to prevent problems. When testing an ADF application, the toolset shows exactly what impact an increased number of users will have on performance and identifies the weakest links of your ADF application. As soon as an application goes into production, sustained performance will keep your end users happy.

Customer Cases

Dutch Ministry of Justice

The primary information system for the Dutch judiciary is replaced with a new system based on Oracle technology. While preparing for full-scale deployment, the ADF Performance Monitor is used to predict end-user responsiveness. The toolset is also used for a real time dashboard that monitors actual performance and to prevent potential problems.

Municipality of Amsterdam

Using the ADF Performance Monitor, bottlenecks were identified and solved, just weeks before entering full-scale production.