Oracle Architecten Platform - 6 februari 2018

50 Shades of Data: The pluriform data store environment

Because of the attendance of various non-native Dutch participants, this session will be mostly in English.


Distribution of data is rapidly increasing. Gone are the days of a single enterprise database – typically an Oracle RDBMS – that holds all data in a strictly normalized form. We work with many more types of data (big and fast, structured and unstructured) that we use in various ways. Relational and ACID are not applicable to all of those. Always the latest, freshest data may not be uniformly valid either. We will continue to see an increase in specialized data stores that cater for specific needs and scenarios.


This session for (infrastructure, solution, application, enterprise, security, data) architects will be a combination of presentations and demonstrations on the various dimensions in which data is used. We will present several cases showing the usage of data and data stores in various ways – while ensuring the appropriate (!) levels of freshness, integrity, performance.


Topics we will discuss

  • What should you, as an architect, know about the various types of data in enterprise IT and how to store/manage/query/manipulate them?
  • What products and technologies are at your disposal?
  • How can you make these work together - for a consistent (enough) overall data presentation?
  • How are upcoming architectural patterns such as CQRS (command query responsibility segregation), event sourcing and microservices influencing the way we handle data in the enterprise?
  • We will discuss several technologies/products used locally, in containers and in the cloud for example MongoDB, MySQL, Neo4J, Apache Kafka, Redis, Elastic Search and Hadoop/Spark, Oracle Data Hub Cloud (based on Apache Cassandra).
  • In addition, we will discuss data replication scenarios.


Attendees are invited to share their experiences and use cases.  We will brainstorm on smart approaches, risks and benefits – especially in the new normal: the hybrid environment with cloud in addition to on-premises.

Any topics you may want to discuss or questions you want to raise are welcome too.


If you are an (infrastructure, solution, application, enterprise, security, data) architect and are interested in attending this session, then please send an email to


Dinsdag 6 februari 2018 van 17:30 tot 20:30 uur


Locatie: AMIS, Edisonbaan 15, Nieuwegein

Host: Lucas Jellema


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