Oracle Architecten Platform - 28 november 2017

Reviewing Oracle OpenWorld 2017 and the new architecture trends

Because of the attendance of various non-native Dutch participants, this session will be mostly in English.


Not since the rise of Service Oriented Architecture (and the supporting Fusion Middleware technology) over a decade ago, have we seen so much rapid change in terms of application and infrastructure architecture. Cloud, Microservices and DevOps are perhaps the most explicit examples – but many other developments in technology, architecture and even the industry at large have an impact on how enterprises consider and employ IT – such as machine learning, IoT, blockchain.


In this session for (infrastructure, solution, application, enterprise, security, data) architects – we will present the main stories, roadmaps and technologies from Oracle OpenWorld 2017 (and JavaOne) that influence, shape and enable architecture. We will brainstorm together on the consequences of the new directions outlined by Oracle – and coming our way from other quarters. We are seeing a  a lot of change. New opportunities arise – that may become challenges or threats if we fail to recognize and embrace the change in time. This session will help us all to get a better handle on the winds in enterprise IT in general and in Oracle land in particular.


The topics we will present and discuss are:

The Only Way is Up – the inevitable and imminent move from on premises to the cloud, and upwards in the stack – from IaaS to SaaS

Security and Ops in a hybrid landscape (multiple clouds & on premises, multiple technologies & interaction channels)

Autonomous Database – what, when, how

Oracle’s cloud strategy, High PaaS and Low PaaS, Open [source] technology (star of the show: Apache Kafka) and the commodization of the traditional Oracle platform

Container and Cloud Native at Oracle Cloud (Docker, Kubernetes Container Platform, Wercker, Istio Service Mesh, CNCF)


Java Reborn – for microservices and cloud, modularized (highlights from the JavaOne conference)

Disruptive: Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning


Any topics you may want to discuss or questions you want to raise are welcome too.


If you are an (infrastructure, solution, application, enterprise, security, data) architect and are interested in attending this session, then please send an email to


Dinsdag 28 november 2017 van 17:30 tot 20:30 uur

Locatie: AMIS, Edisonbaan 15, Nieuwegein

Hosts: Job Oprel & Lucas Jellema

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